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Post-Fire Water Damage Restoration in Youngstown, Ohio

The aftermath of a fire can be devastating. Even if you were lucky enough not to lose your home or business in the fire, the restoration process is extensive. Restoration helps to avoid lingering toxins from soot and smoke damage and ensure your home is safe to inhabit.

With all of these factors at work, it is easy to forget another aspect of the fire restoration process—water. Fire and water damage restoration go hand in hand. Whether or not high-pressure fire hoses were necessary to extinguish the blaze, your property doubtlessly has extensive water damage as a result of the fire. To return your property to a safe condition, count on Ranger Recovery & Restoration. Give us a call at 330-278-8287 or contact us online to take our services.

fire and water damage restoration before after
fire damage restoration

Impact of Water Damage After a Fire

  • During a fire, the extensive heat can cause pressure and damage to the structure’s piping system, which can ultimately result in bursting. Falling debris after a fire emergency can also cause pipes to become damaged and may lead to a burst pipe that leaves water damage.
  • Ceilings are an area of particular concern when it comes to water damage from a fire because of possible impacts on the structural integrity of your home. If you see any sagging or large bubbles starting to form in your ceiling, there may be water trapped above, which could cause your ceiling to cave in.
  • Drywall is a surface on which fire and water damage cleanup may be insufficient. If the damage is too bad, it must be cut out and replaced. Drywall soaks up water and can be a breeding ground for mold, so you need fire damage and water damage restoration.

Trust Ranger for Post-Fire Water Damage Restoration

At Ranger Recovery & Restoration, we offer water damage cleanup and removal services after fire damage. When you need water damage restoration in Youngstown, Deerfield, Aliquippa, and other cities we serve in Ohio and Pennsylvania, call us 330-278-8287 when you need our help.

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