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Restoration Process in Youngstown & Boardman, OH

We have the best team with experience, knowledge, state-of-the-art technology, and equipment to deal with your water damage restoration process. So if you require our services, give us a call at 330-278-8287 without hesitation.

Water damage is a common occurrence and may happen at any time. Most homeowners try to solve this problem on their own with a DIY project. But the point they miss is that it can go incredibly wrong and cause more damage to their place.

When you fall into a situation where you have to deal with water damage restoration, you must always call professionals to assess the whole situation and restoration work. Because only professionals can determine how much your place has suffered. So make sure to contact us as we can provide you the best service for your restoration process. Our services also include burst pipes, basement flooding, appliance failure, storm damage, mold remediation, and many more.

Restoration Process
Damage Restoration Process

Damage Restoration Process by Us

  • Every damage restoration process is different, and the process depends on the extent of the situation. Here is a general approach you may expect us to do-
  • Inspection- We will come to your place for review and assessment to understand the whole process.
    Finding the Flooding Source- The next thing we will try to find out is the source of water damage. Because without locating the actual source, we won’t be able to proceed.
  • Insurance Claim- Then, we will help you file for the insurance claim. We will do all the necessary documentation like taking pictures, videos, etc., essential for insurance filing.
  • Water extraction- Standing water is extremely dangerous for your structures and valuable things. That’s why we will try to remove the water as early as possible.
  • Look for Mold- We all know that mold forms due to water or moisture presence. So when water damage occurs, we need to find out if there is any presence of mold and mildew as these are health hazardous. We will do a mold remediation process if we find its existence.
  • Cleaning- Then, we will proceed with cleaning work.
  • Drying- Next, we can go for the drying process. This needs to be done precisely for
  • Disinfection- Disinfecting the whole place is essential. Water may spread all kinds of germs to your site, and without proper disinfection, your home won’t be hygienic enough to live.

Why We Could be Your OH's Go-to Restoration Company 

We are a veteran-owned and operated company that works with military precision in each detail in the recovery process. All our technicians are skilled, experienced and IICRC certified. We will make sure to prioritize steps of the restoration process to make it hurry.

If you live in Atwater, Beaver, Empire, Cheswick, or surrounding areas, please knock us online or call us at 330-278-8287 to avail our services and further information.

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