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Structural Damage Restoration in Youngstown & Boardman, OH

Structural damage occurs when the core integrity which is the main reason for a structural foundation is affected. Especially the roofs and load-bearing walls carry the most weight of a structure and that’s why they are the most essential part of a home’s structure. So when structural damage occurs it is something that you can’t just ignore. These types of damage are pretty much visible to naked eyes but we may not always guess the extent of the damage.

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Structural Damage Restoration in Youngstown & Boardman, OH
Cracks or Gaps in Windows/Doors

Signs of Structural Damage

There are some sure signs for you to understand that there is structural damage in your place. Here are some signs to look for-

  • Visible Cracks on Walls or Roofs- Not all cracks are dangerous and indicate structural damage. But you need to keep your eyes open to see if the cracks are huge along with sagging roofs and other things. Because this could mean you have underlying structural issues that needs to be repaired.
  • Cracks or Gaps in Windows/Doors- Another sign of structural damage is cracks or gaps in windows and doors. You may even face difficulty while opening windows and doors. When there is a structural issue, the weight shifts and creates problematic issues around windows and doors.
  • Uneven or Cracked Floor- Notice if your floors are uneven or cracked. When there is a shift in your foundation, you may notice a lot of things including uneven, cracked, or sagging floors.
  • Crumbling Bricks or Concrete- Crumbling concrete could be an issue and a sign of structural damage.
  • Termites- Termites could be another sign of structural damage.
  • Damp subfloors- When the subfloors are not properly ventilated, this could lead to dampness and moisture will promote mold growth, timber rot, etc. This all could contribute to structural damage.

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Structural Damage repair services

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